Tall Ships Symbol on Modern Jewelry

viking dragon Tall Ships Symbol on Modern Jewelry

Modern Jewelry Sails to Conquer

Centuries ago Viking longships sailed to Orkney and now their powerful image features on Ola Gorie’s modern jewelry. A few hundred years later Armada sailing ships were wrecked off our coasts.

Today another fleet of tall ships is arriving to invade our harbours and seas for a few days. This time the mighty vessels and their crews will be welcomed with feasting and song. Ola’s unusual jewellery mirrors this nautical theme.

Twenty four ships are coming as part of the Cruise in Company leg of the 2011 Tall Ships race. There will be a sailing challenge between Kirkwall and Stromness and parties on the poop decks.

In the 18th and 19th centuries the port of Stromness built its fortunes on the trade when sailing ships called in on the way to Hudson’s Bay in Canada, the whaling in Greenland and later the herring boom.

Quaysides will be transformed back to those bustling herring days. Fish filleting as practised by the thousands of herring girls in days gone by will be demonstrated on the piers along with cookery demonstrations as the tall ships arrive.

Traditional lobster pot making and crab dressing will be on offer on the shore while traditional Orkney yole fishing boats will take people round the harbour.

Legendary Ships in Modern Jewelry

Famous local characters in costume will mingle with the crowds. Those who sailed to and from Stromness include Arctic explorer Dr John Rae, Sir John Franklin and Captain Cook’s ships Erebus and Resolution.

Those Orkney traditional fishing boats – the Orkney yole – are modelled on the design of the Viking boats that once frequented these waters.  Their smaller clinker built boats are still made in a similar style in Western Norway today.

One thousand years ago the sight of a fleet of Viking ships would have struck fear into the local people. For centuries the great seafaring Vikings used Orkney’s great natural anchorage of Scapa Flow and the harbour was used as a gathering point for a fleet of battle ships many times.

Unusual jewellery designs feature the Viking dragon ship. These fearsome looking vessels rowed and sailed their way to victory many times and helped keep the peace around our islands.

The dragon ships make stunning pieces of modern jewelry as a necklace, brooch or charm.  Perhaps a potent charm against pirate ships that once sailed here too.

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