Quality from the start

Ola Gorie founded the jewellery company that bears her name in 1960. From the start, she decided that there could be no compromise on the quality of the jewellery she was making.  As her business grew over the years, she instilled in all who worked with her an unwavering commitment to the highest standards. It’s a matter of pride for us still.

Design is, to some extent, subjective: everyone has their personal preferences. But with manufacture there is no argument: either something is done right or not.  If it is done right, then a piece of precious metal jewellery, carefully looked after, will last a lifetime. And it will look beautiful whether viewed from across a room, or in extreme close up. Please look at our close up photos to see what we mean: none of the photos is touched up, we really do finish jewellery, front and back, to those exacting standards.

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