What's the rush, Ola?

Why, you might be wondering, are we trying to get you to buy Ola Gorie jewellery NOW?  Why this Discount Countdown?  (That's the one where you get 20% if you order this week, 15% next week, and 10% off the week after that.  Then nothing.) 

There's a simple reason: we'd rather rush you just a little bit than rush our workshop at all.  Ola Gorie is all about quality: whether it's earrings, necklaces, pendants, charms, rings, brooches, cufflinks or kilt-pins, what's most important to us is that each piece should be finished to perfection.  And when our jewellers are sitting at their benches burnishing, soldering, shaping, moulding, fitting stones and chains, and finally giving one last polish, what they need is TIME.  They don't want us breathing over their shoulder, telling them to hurry up...

So, at this time of the year, with the very busy festive period less than two months away, we have to encourage you, our lovely customers, to order now rather than later.  Because if you order NOW, then the workshop will have plenty of time to finish your jewellery to perfection.  And perfection is what we're aiming for!

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