Fashions come and go, but the appeal of a bracelet or necklace strung with gold or silver jewellery charms – is timeless.

Cute gold and silver jewellery charms can be bought individually for you to make your own collection. We can supply high quality gold and silver bangles, bracelets and necklet chains too. Or we can assemble bangles, bracelets or necklets to your specification at a small extra charge.

Particularly worth having a look at are the cute silver jewellery charms that offer mini versions of some of Orkney’s most iconic objects, such as the straw-backed chair, the creepie, and the puffin!
The majority of our jewellery is available in both silver and gold.
You can view the options available within the product pages.
    • Honeysuckle Charm
    • Honeysuckle Charm

      Honeysuckle flourishes in the walled gardens of Kirkwall: on a...