Ness of Brodgar

For over five decades Ola Gorie has explored her Norse and Celtic roots to find inspiration for stylish, modern jewellery.

All this time, under her feet, lay the greatest inspiration of all. Ola's home at Brodgar sits at the centre of an ancient ceremonial site: enigmatic standing stones, a Neolithic "cathedral" and beautiful, intricate rock carvings. Now these 5000-year-old treasures, newly discovered and explored by archaeologists, have inspired her stunning Ness of Brodgar collection. 


The collection has been based on some of the Ness’s decorated stones and has immediately become a favourite with Ola Gorie fans around the world, drawn to both the beautiful modern jewellery designs and the amazing story behind them.  

As the site opens once again to the public, archeologists can once again be seen uncovering thousands of years of Orcadian history. To mark the occasion, we thought we would share the collection with you.