Meet Sue Cross

One of the best things about designing and making jewellery is the opportunities it gives us to work with some amazingly talented people, whether highly-skilled craftspeople in the workshop, archaeologists at digs and in museums, or designers with great new ideas.  In recent years we've had a great time collaborating with one particularly brilliant designer, Susan Cross of Edinburgh.   

Ola had known Sue for years - Ola tends to know everyone in Scottish jewellery! - but it was relatively recently that they first thought of working together.  Sue came up to visit Orkney and spend some time with Ola and her daughter Ingrid (who runs Ola Gorie jewellery on a day to day basis, now that Ola is retired from the daily grind.)  

All three of them attended an Art & Archaeology workshop at the Ness of Brodgar, benefiting from a private tour of that remarkable site, as well as the opportunity to explore materials and motifs with experts in various fields including Christopher Gee, a stone-working expert, Tom Muir, a historian and storyteller, and Antonia Thomas, am archaeologist specialising in Neolithic art.  Directly springing from the experience of exploring the Ness together came our latest collection, Ness of Brodgar.  Ola was absolutely delighted with Sue's ideas, and she and Ingrid worked closely with Sue to develop them, all the way through to their launch in the summer of 2016.  

That wonderful  collection literally wouldn't exist if it hadn't been for the creative mind and elegant vision of Sue Cross - and we can't wait to work with her again!  Meanwhile, do what we do from time to time when we want to be inspired by the sight of some unique and beautiful jewellery, and have a look at Sue's own website,

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