Care of Your Jewellery

Our jewellery comes with a lifetime guarantee against faults of manufacture, though of course not against normal wear and tear: even precious metals do wear away after years of use.  Like all things, jewellery must be taken care of. This includes from how we wear the jewellery to what it comes into contact with, for example perfume, cigarette smoke, chlorine etc.  We advise on the following measures:

  • Jewellery should be the last thing we put on the and first thing to take off to avoid any earrings and necklaces catching on clothing.
  • Do not spray jewellery with perfume, deodorant or body spray.
  • Do not go to sleep with your jewellery on.
  • Avoid wearing jewellery in the shower, bath, swimming pool.
  • Take special care with snake chains and wires, which are less flexible than chains.
  • Ideally our jewellery should be stored in the box that it comes with.
  • Medications can also cause a reaction when jewellery comes into contact with our skin, as do the natural chemicals in our skin


We usually recommend using silver or gold dip, available from most jewellers. Dip the jewellery in the solution; do not leave to soak as this can have an adverse effect on the jewellery and it will need refinishing; rinse in cold water; pat dry with a towel and then to make sure it is completely dry use a hairdryer on a warm setting.

To bring the shine back to polished surfaces use a jewellery cloth.

NB: If you have a piece of jewellery with a ‘blackened’ finish, do not use silver dip, as this will remove the blackening. Simply polish up the silver areas with a jewellery cloth. If in doubt, contact us for guidance.