Size Guide

We specify our ring sizes in the UK format, however you will see a link on every ring product page to an international conversion chart.  (Other conversion websites are available too: just search).

If you do not know your ring size then we suggest you visit your local jeweller who will be able to measure your finger accurately. If that is not convenient for you, then there are online measuring tools that can easily be downloaded; generally we think professional jewellers offer a more accurate service, so we recommend using them whenever possible. Please note all of our ring sizes quoted are 'centre measurement' not 'leading edge.’

Can you make rings larger or smaller than listed as standard?

We list a wide a range of ring sizes, to fit almost all fingers. However, it’s often possible to make extra small or large sizes if required. This takes a bit longer, and we will provide a quote for the price before going ahead.

NB: Rings with plain shanks are relatively easy to resize, but designs with patterns all the way around can be very difficult to shrink or expand. We will advise when you contact us.