'Art and Architecture' - a great new book about ancient Orkney

As you may have read elsewhere on our website, the Ness of Brodgar really is one of the most impressive and inspirational archaeological sites in the world.  To start to come to terms with its complex structures, and hundreds of beautiful but mysterious carvings, you need an expert guide.  During the summer, when the dig is in full swing, there's a team of enthusiastic folk to help you see past the piles of stones to the amazing civilization lying underneath.  But in the long dark days of winter, when the site is covered up to protect it from the Orkney wind and rain, you need another kind of expert guide.  Friends, I give you...Dr Antonia Thomas!

Antonia has written a fascinating account of the hundreds of Neolithic carvings identified at the Ness, and also at nearby Maeshowe and Skara Brae - many of which she discovered herself.  (Imagine the thrill of discovering a 5,000 year old art work, never seen since the day it was created!)  Art and Architecture in Neolithic Orkney is a serious but accessible read, illustrated by dozens of Antonia's own detailed drawings and wonderfully atmospheric photos.

When we were going through the long research and design process for our new Ness of Brodgar collection, Antonia was extremely helpful in sharing her drawings, photos and knowledge with us.  It's undoubtedly true that the collection wouldn't be here today without her.  Thanks Antonia!

If you're as fascinated by the Ness of Brodgar as we are - and especially its enigmatic artworks - have a look at her publisher's website and consider buying a copy.  Better still, give Stromness Books & Prints a ring on 01856 850565: that way you can support a current Orkney business while reading about Orkney's ancient past...



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