About Ola Gorie

Ola Gorie is one of Britain’s most important jewellery designers. A pioneer in the 1960s, she explored her Celtic and Norse heritage to find inspiration for stylish, modern jewellery, hand crafted in Orkney.

Ola’s unique designs continue to break new ground and influence a generation of designers. Most importantly, they are appreciated and loved by admirers around the world.

At Ola Gorie Jewellery we take pride in our community and our heritage. We live and work in Orkney surrounded by houses, monuments and standing stones dating back to Neolithic times. In more recent history, Ola’s family has been in business in the same spot in Kirkwall since the 1850s.

We are used to looking to the past to shape our future. That’s why all our jewellery is finely crafted in Orkney, designed to stay fresh and stylish for the long run, not for a few moments of fashion.

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