Autumn gold

A field of ripe Barley
Harray barley, by Rebecca Marr


The seasons tilt as September changes to October. Warm southwest winds shift north, and there’s a brisk edge to the breeze. There’s no mistaking that winter is on its way. But for the moment we enjoy one of the most beautiful times of the year. The sun is low in the sky: it illuminates a patchwork of colour, as farmers harvest one field after another.


Barley and wheat, ripened through the long summer days, is shorn to stubble.
.Haybale in an Orkney field
Holm haybale, by Rebecca Marr
Hay bales are bound in great cylinders, left to dry before being taken back to the farm for winter fodder. The whole landscape is a mosaic of gold, yellow, white and green, as different crops are gradually gathered in.

Not much wonder our minds often turn to gold at this time of year. Gold can bring rich highlights to silver pieces, as in our Flow collection, or it can shine like an autumn sun on a field of grasses, as in Machair. But almost all our designs can be made in gold as well as silver: all you have to do is ask. Then you can harvest some gold for yourself…

Sheep in a stubble field in Orkney
Birsay sheep, grazing for gold, by Esméemilja Mackenna

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