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Ola Gorie, Ness of Brodgar, orkney, Scotland, Designer Jewllery


Today we launch our new Ola Gorie website!  It's Friday the 14th of October, and we're finally ready to welcome you in and let you have a look around.

It was in 1960 that Ola started designing and making her own jewellery here in Kirkwall.  At the time it was a bold, even revolutionary thing to do.  It seemed that no one was using the great heritage of Orkney and Scotland to inspire modern craft.  But that was Ola's vision, and she set to it with imagination and dedication.

56 years later, Ola is still going strong, and so is her beautiful jewellery.  We hope you enjoy looking around our website: a new way of sharing Ola's creations with the world, but the same old dedication to quality of design and craftsmanship.

Once you've had a look, bookmark us and come back: we'll be updating this blog regularly, and also launching special offers.  See you soon!

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