Nature Returns to The Ness of Brodgar

It's hard to believe July is here – a month that would normally mean the arrival of a team of archaeologists at the Ness of Brodgar, where Ola lived for three decades. 


This year it's quite a different scene: the clink and scrape of archaeologist’s tools have been replaced by the beautiful sounds of nature.


This is the first year since its discovery in 2003 that the annual dig at ‘the most important archaeological site in western Europe,’ hasn't gone ahead. Instead, we've enjoyed watching nature return to the Ness, captured beautifully by dig director Nick Card. 

Images by Nick Card and can be found at


Although no new discoveries will be made this year, previous digs uncovered 5000-year-old carvings which inspired Ola's stunning Ness of Brodgar collection.  

Work continues behind the scenes writing, fundraising, cataloguing and interpreting those finds....

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