Visitors Galore!

Our local paper,The Orcadian, has today reported that we will be welcoming an incredible 141,000 cruise line passengers during the tourist season this year. For a place with a population of roughly 21,000, that is a lot of extra people!

While this may pose a number of logistical issues for the county, for us here at Ola Gorie, it means more tourists visiting our shop on the main street, than we have ever seen before.  As a relatively small, family run business, we don't always hold a large number of all our jewellery in stock, so we are now faced with the tricky task of trying to predict our stock levels. Will the new collection Ness of Brodgar , prove to be our most popular items, with visitors returning from the Ness dig, and then hoping to take home a reminder if its magical history? Or will they be intrigued by the story of the Vikings who carved the Maeshowe Dragon into the wall of the Neolithic monument, and find they need to take a silver Dragon home with them? 

Whatever our visitors decide to buy from our shop, to take home a little piece of Orkney, we hope we will be able to accommodate most of them and make their experience here a truly special one. Roll on the summer!

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