During the coronavirus crisis, our workshop is closed and that means we won't be accepting any online orders. Please feel free to browse our collections, blogs and videos, just for fun. It's a lovely thing to do, and a reminder of some of the good things in life: inspiration, beauty, weddings, birthdays, special occasions, magic moments, your nearest and dearest...and Ola!
Stay safe everyone, best wishes from Ola Glorie.

Want gold for Christmas? Order now!

Gold jewellery takes a little longer than silver to make.  Also, we don't keep as much of it in stock, so it's very likely that if you order it, we will make it specially for you.  With that in mind, please note that if you want some lovely gold Ola Gorie jewellery for Christmas - and be as happy as Ola, all lit-up like a Christmas tree - we must receive your order by 9am on Monday 28th November (Orkney time.)

After that, we will try our best to make your jewellery in time, but can't guarantee it will get to you by the 25th of December.  For overseas customers  - well, everywhere is overseas from Orkney...what I really mean is, for customers outside the UK - the importance of the deadline is even greater, as it takes significantly longer for our parcels to get to you.  If you want to check what;s possible, contact us at info@olagoriejewellery.com.

So, that all important deadline for gold orders once again: 9am, Monday 28th November (Orkney time.)

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