Our Collections

Our Orkney Collections

Five thousand years of unbroken civilisation have left the windswept Orkney islands a rich heritage of both Viking and Celtic culture. The people of the past speak to us through relics, legends, and enigmatic symbols - all expressed in unique jewellery designs. Their vision was intense, their craftsmanship astonishing, their art both mystical and rooted in the everyday world. Their ancient art retains all its inspirational power to this day, for even the most forward-looking designers of Scottish, Celtic and Viking jewellery.

Our Scottish Collections

The rich cultural history of Scotland is a constant source of inspiration. Although Orkney has only been part of Scotland for a few hundred years, we have travelled through and traded with our southern neighbour for millennia.

Stone Age remains, Pictish symbols, early Christian crosses and manuscripts, rich traditions of art and craft – all add up to a wonderful heritage of ideas, images and inspiration for our range of Scottish jewellery.

Our Contemporary Collections

Ola Gorie has been at the cutting edge of contemporary and art deco jewellery for more than forty years. Once upon a time, Celtic and art deco Mackintosh motifs were considered groundbreaking and radical: Ola helped bring them to the mainstream.

Now a new generation of art deco jewellery designers, inspired and mentored by Ola, bring fresh inspiration and innovation - always in harmony with Ola Gorie's trademark elegance, subtlety, and attention to detail.

Our Classical Collections

Ola Gorie blends love of tradition with a taste for true originality. The quality of her designs is equalled only by the skill of the dedicated craftspeople who make them reality. Finished to the highest standards, each piece is made to treasure - essential jewellery pieces for every collection.

Nowhere is this more evident than in Ola's Classic collections, which draw inspiration from art and nature to create flowing, lyrical designs of outstanding elegance and delicacy. Bridal Party Jewelry items form just a part of our wedding jewellery sets.