The rich cultural history of Scotland is a constant source of inspiration. Although Orkney has only been part of Scotland for a few hundred years, we have travelled through and traded with our southern neighbour for millennia.

Stone Age remains, Pictish symbols, early Christian crosses and manuscripts, rich traditions of art and craft – all add up to a wonderful heritage of ideas, images and inspiration for our range of Scottish jewellery.
The majority of our jewellery is available in both silver and gold.
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  • Named for the holiest island in Scotland, site of an ancient abbey, and burial place for centuries of Scottish kings.
  • About 800AD, under Viking threat, a stunning illuminated manuscript of the gospels was carried from Iona to a hiding place in an obscure Irish abbey: it came to be known as the Book of Kells.
  • An Ola Gorie classic, this design focuses on one of the stylized yet characterful wildlife illustrations in the Book of Kells, and transforms it into unique and beautiful jewellery.
  • Kilmartin Glen in Argyll is home to a great concentration of prehistoric monuments, including an unparalleled range of rock carvings.
  • Luckenbooth brooches originated in 16th Century Edinburgh.
  • The first Christian missionary to reach Scotland, St Ninian is commemorated in monuments and legends.
  • Legend tells that a Viking night-raider stepped on a thistle and yelled in pain.