April Snow Showers

So the daffodils are popping up all over the county, lambing season is well under way, but Mother Nature has a way of reminding us very quickly that she is most definitely in charge!

Yesterday most of Orkney woke up to this picture. Beautiful?  Yes. But seasonal? Surely not!  We might expect some 'lambing snows' at the beginning of the month, but this late into April it is a little surprising

Today the snow has melted away, but it is now bitterly cold and pretty blowy. We can't help but feel very sorry for those little lambs trying to keep warm and take shelter with their mothers. Yesterday I saw several lambs who were very new, and they had on little plastic coats. Apparently this helps to protect them against the elements. They have to be pretty tough to survive the Orkney elements!

Hopefully the weather will improve as we start to think about the spring and summer seasons. Tomorrow we welcome the cruise liner Avita with its 1200 passengers. Fingers crossed that our visitors will experience Orkney on a crisp but pleasant day. Seems more likely they will be experiencing Orkney trying to fit all seasons into one day, which tends to be the norm at this time of year...

Keep warm! 

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