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Watch Ola's very first movie about the inspiration behind her St Magnus design!

Last Sunday might have been Easter, but you might not be aware that it was also St Magnus Day. Here in Orkney, the story of St Magnus is ingrained in our culture and heritage.  The beautiful St Magnus Cathedral inspired Ola profoundly, as she grew up looking over this iconic building.

This month we celebrate the 900th anniversary of St Magnus' death: special events are taking place all over Orkney under the Magnus 900 banner.  So we thought it would be appropriate to highlight the pieces in our collection inspired by the historical legacy of St Magnus.

St Magnus, and the cathedral named in his honour, have played an important part in Ola’s life since childhood. We thought we’d let her explain the inspiration herself, in her first ever video interview. Just click on the arrow on the image to begin. 




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