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Thank you so much to all our customers who filled in our survey last month. It really did help us out a lot with some new ideas to carry Ola Gorie forward, but it also let us know that all in all we seem to be doing a good job!?

One of the issues that came up was customers commenting on loosing a single earring. Well did you know that we can supply half pairs for you? If you email us at olagorie@breckan.scot , or comment on this blog post, and let us know which earrings you require and in most cases which half (most designs have different lefts and rights) then we can let you know how much this would be. If the earrings are featured on our website then just divide the cost of the pair by two, and you will have your answer already! Again just email us and Kim will arrange for an electronic invoice to be sent to you to make payment.

Most of you will also be aware that we have an amazing catalogue of archived designs. But did you also know that we can actually have any of our older designs made especially for our customers if they so wish? If you have seen an older piece online somewhere, or if you had an older piece that you lost, just email us at olagorie@breckan.scot and we can ask our workshop fr a quote to have the item specially made for you. 

We love that our customers are so loyal to us, and we want to make sure that you can enjoy all your Ola Gorie jewellery, even if you have lost an older piece. 

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