Ola Gorie's Ness of Brodgar movie. Read the blog to see the video.

Once again the Ness of Brodgar is entrancing and mystifying us.

And no one is more entranced than Ola, who allowed us to film her reactions to the site on her first visit this year.  Talk about good timing: as she watched, a very special flint arrowhead was discovered! Take a look at the video below to find out how the treasures of our past have inspired this collection of beautiful, modern jewellery designs.

About the Ness of Brodgar

The annual dig, at what has been described as ‘the most important archaeological site in western Europe,’ is underway for another summer.  There’s a short window of opportunity when the weather is warm and dry enough to allow these precious remains to be uncovered and explored.  The diggers, led by the inspirational Nick Card, have braved the midgies, the occasional gale, and thousands of curious visitors to painstakingly reveal more of the Ness’s secrets.

And what revelations!  New trenches, new artefacts (including a Stone Age perfume pot!) and new theories trying to explain what it was all about.

Many mysteries remain.  But what is clear is that a whole complex of 5000-year-old buildings were stuffed with decorated stones: incised slabs with strange ‘butterfly’ shapes and cross hatching, carved stone balls, beautifully polished ceremonial axe heads.  Many of the stones were even painted – though only faint traces of the colour remain.


Jewellery Inspired by Archaeological Discoveries

Ness of Brodgar Jewellery

Last year, Ola – working with her daughter Ingrid, and with Edinburgh-based designer Sue Cross – came up with a fantastic new jewellery collection based on some of the Ness’s decorated stones.  The collection has immediately become a favourite with Ola Gorie fans around the world, drawn to both the beautiful modern jewellery designs and the amazing story behind them.  This year we added a ring to the collection, and invite you to view it – and the whole collection of earrings, brooches, pendants and necklaces.

View the Ness of Brodgar Jewellery Collection


Find Your Hidden Treasure

While the dig lasts we’re offering 10% off all Ness of Brodgar jewellery; just enter NESS10 at checkout. Code is valid until midnight on 3rd September.

Meanwhile, get out the popcorn, sit back, and enjoy Ola on film!


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