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The timeless natural beauty of Scapa Flow is evoked by Ola Gorie in this collection. Nothing is solid or settled, all is liquid, all is in gentle movement: the flow of water, the flow of human history, the flow of time itself.

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Dimensions: 9mm x 50mm

Chain: 16" curb chain/16" omega wire

Go with the flow

Mention the word ‘flow’ to anyone in Orkney, and they’ll think you’re talking about Scapa Flow. The Flow is the spectacular natural harbour at the heart of the Orkney archipelago. To its south lie the sandstone cliff ramparts of Hoy. To its north the beaches and rolling hills of the Orkney mainland. Looking west you can see the twin lighthouses on the tiny island of Graemsay, and the wild Atlantic beyond. Head east and you encounter the long string of islands connected by the Churchill Barriers.

Twice a day the tides rise and fall. The North Sea floods in and out through Hoxa Sound in the east, and the Atlantic though dramatic Hoy Sound in the west. Along the coastline the waters of The Flow rise and fall on rocky shores and beautiful sandy beaches as they have done for aeons. These beaches are shallow and often filled with light-gold sand. Because of its sheltered position, Scapa Flow rarely experiences the huge waves that batter the western cliffs of Orkney. Instead, there’s a gentle swell, water rolling in up the sloping beaches and rolling out again in rivulets. On a still day, the water whispers through the sand as it ebbs away, leaving channels in the sand, and the odd bubble or pebble.

Such is the inspiration for Ola Gorie’s Flow collection. The design echoes the shape of water ebbing and flowing on our sandy beaches. There are lines, swirls, channels, bubbles, pools, pebbles. Even the background is subtly textured like fine-grained sand. And all of this is suggested by the delicate traceries of the gold and silver. In fact, this collection is unusual in our range because many of the pieces do feature gold and silver together. Almost all of Ola’s jewellery is available in either gold or silver, but it’s very rare that she felt both metals were necessary to make the design come alive. This is one of those rare examples.

Go with the flow

Mention the word ‘flow’ to anyone in Orkney, and the chances are they’ll think you’re talking about Scapa Flow.

Flow jewellery